SEO Off Page Factors

There are merely several components that the Google algorithms take a look at when positioning a page. Some are on the page, some are off the page. Furthermore, to make things considerably trickier, not all reasons are weighted the same.

Here is a portion of the basic variables that will help your off-page SEO and lift your PageRank:

  1. Number Of Inbound Links


A number of inbound links is the biggest boosting factors for your search engine ratings. It is the count of other web pages which have links that are pointing your site.

A hyperlink to a page considers a vote of support for that page The more links you have indicating your pages, the more “votes” you have according to Google, and, to a lesser degree, the other search engines.

  1. Anchor Text To Specific Pages

When you make a link, the text that shows up hyperlinked is known as the anchor text. For off-page SEO purposes, you need some links with your keywords as anchor text.

This will help search engines accurately recognize what truly matters to your pages, and know which keywords they should rank for.

  1. Nature And Quality Of Links

Not all connections have a similar worth. Quality matters.

Links from well-developed sites, particularly ones that are viewed as an authority in your niche, are more worth than connections from obscure websites.

The kind of sites that are more valuable which include:

  • High PR sites.
  • .edu or .gov sites.
  • Authority sites in your niche. If that you are uncertain of what an authority webpage is, they are the greater sites that tend to highlight more in the search results lists for your picked keywords.
  • Websites that have been around for long period of time.
  • Websites that are similar to your subject.
  1. Link Building Speed

Another critical thing to observe is the rate at which your site is building links.

It’s great to see a green up bolt beside your backlinks count number in the Dashboard area of Traffic Travis in light of the fact that this implies you are building more links to your site.

A standard link building campaign will convey the best outcomes. Normally, if you never tend to use the online or automated tools which promise to generate hundreds of links all at a time you should be worried.


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